The ideal solution for all disciplines

EquiGrass, the original artificial turf for equestrian arenas, is the ideal solution for indoor/outdoor tracks, training mills, lunging circles and racetracks, and is suitable for all equestrian disciplines.EquiGrass is a trademark of GreenFields of Genemuiden, the Netherlands. GreenFields® is a specialised company with many years of experience in producing, constructing, installing and developing innovative artificial turf systems. A unique and well-equipped private laboratory and strong partners enable GreenFields to offer a comprehensive range of artificial turf systems. The sophisticated products developed by GreenFields are therefore considered among the best in the market and comply with all applicable standards as well as the additional requirements of national and international sports associations and federations.

Why EquiGrass

is the best choice

EquiGrass forms the ideal surface for both you and your horse. Choose EquiGrass for your comfort and out of love for your horse.
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Project: Constructing a Training Mill, with a surface area of 110m2

We have invested in the same testing equipment used by certified laboratories to conduct tests and research. This enables us to demonstrate the effect of artificial turf systems on the relevant properties. 


EquiGrass is a trademark of GreenFields of Genemuiden, Netherlands. GreenFields is a specialised company with many years of experience in developing, producing, constructing, installing and project managing innovative artificial turf systems for various sports.